Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 1-3, 2023 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue you will learn about improving the method of testing the on-board electrical complex of cars for noise immunity to electromagnetic influences, about the problem of noise immunity of the on-board electrical complex of passenger cars during operation, that Rostec has developed new antenna systems for water and railway transport, and much more.

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Power supply and electrical equipment

Switching two-stage filter compensating installation at the sectioning station of railways traction network of alternating current

German L., Serebryakov A., Dulepov D., Osokin V.

Since the late 1970s, multifunctional installations of transverse capacitive compensation (CC) or filter-compensating installations (FCI) in the traction network at sectioning posts have been included in the traction power supply of alternating current of Russian railways. In addition to main task – reactive power compensation (RPC) and reducing power losses – they began to fulfill the important task of increasing the capacity of the railway by increasing the voltage in the traction network. At the same time, the requirements for calculations and structural implementation of CC at the sectioning stations have expanded. Over many years, effective technical solutions have been added in the traction power supply system with sectioning stations and transverse capacitive compensation installations, including switching installation, which will be discussed in this article. The peculiarity of switching two-stage installation is that when two stages are connected in series, the CC power decreases, and the second stage is turned off to increase the CC power. The power calculation rules and design features of switching filter-compensating installation (FCI) are considered

Keywords: switching two-stage filter compensating installation, reactive power compensation, traction power supply system, contact system of sectioning station, numerical method for solving differential equations

Switching power supply for wide application

Suraikin A.I., Suraikin A.A.

The article provides results of engineering design of small-sized switching power supply on base SPICE macros. Done computer imitation design with repre-sented time-diagram. Propose a universal and effective schematic design with mini-mal amount external parts

Keywords: switching power supply, pulse width modulation, PWM-controller, spice macros, imitation simulation

Modeling of electromagnetic drive of actuators of fuel supply systems of medium-speed diesel engines

Akhtyrsky A.

The article considers a mathematical model of the electromagnetic gate drive of the internal combustion engine fuel equipment together with a block of power keys, which allows a detailed analysis of the influence of control devices on the processes occurring in the electromagnet. The previously patented "half-bridge with regenerative demagnetization" scheme was chosen as a power key. The experiments carried out showed a sufficient coincidence of experimental and computational studies for engineering practice, which indicates the correctness of the created model

Keywords: electromagnetic actuator, simulation of electromagnetic actuator, power keys block, mathematical model of an electromagnetic actuator, power key

Trends in the development of electronics and electrical equipment in vehicles

Methodology for processing big data from a mobile application in real-time

Vasilev G.

As technologies that collect and analyze data increase, so does the ability of businesses to analyze data and extract new insights from it. Companies use information gathering for various purposes, including a better understanding of day-to-day operations, making better business decisions, and learning about their customers. In this article, the author talked about his method of processing big data from a mobile application in real-time. The author has developed a new modern mobile application for the Android operating system. The mobile application was written in the Java programming language in the Android Studio IDE. This mobile application was used to study the effectiveness of this technique. A NoSQL architecture table was used to store big data, namely key:value storage. To process big data, the author developed new software that was written in the Python programming language. Today, an enterprise needs to develop an infrastructure that will ensure the scalability of big data. And also have quick access to data for further processing and identifying customer needs.Keywords: microcircuit, active balancing devices, storage batteries, electric power system, algorithm

Keywords: big data, NoSQL, Google Firebase, Google BigQuery, Java, Python, mobile application

A method for calculating the basic parameters of a hybrid power plant for special vehicles

Cheboksarov A.

The theoretical substantiation of the method for calculating the parameters of a hybrid power unit for special vehicles has been carried out, provided that special equipment based on an automobile chassis is provided. The results of the conducted research allow us to determine the power of the hybrid power unit of the automobile chassis, the power of the generator and the capacity of the battery, as well as to select the internal combustion engine of the hybrid power unit of the automobile chassis

Keywords: special vehicle, generator, hybrid power unit, electric motor, generator motor

Use of alternative energy sources in railway transport

Abrahamyan A.

Among the many breakthrough technologies, the idea of using alternative and renewable energy sources in the field of domestic and foreign railway transport deserves special attention, as an important innovative, competitive, advanced technological element. The author of the article presents the results of the analysis of the latest technological solutions and the experience of their implementation in the transport industry of the world powers

Keywords: renewable and unconventional energy sources, hydrogen fuel, batteries

Diagnostics and testing

Improving the method of testing the on-board electrical complex of vehicles for noise immunity to electromagnetic influences

Nikolaev P., Kozlovskiy V., Podgorny A.

The paper presents the main results of the work on improving the method of testing the on-board electrical complex of cars for noise immunity to electromagnetic influences

Keywords: passenger car; onboard electrical complex; electromagnetic compatibility

The problem of noise immunity of the on-board electrical complex of passenger cars during operation

Nikolaev P., Kozlovskiy V., Podgorny A., Saksonov A.r

The article actualizes the problem of noise immunity of the electrical complex of modern passenger car designs during operation

Keywords: car, electrical complex, electromagnetic compatibility, noise immunity, operation

A model of a contact network section for studying the effectiveness of lightning protection of power supply points alarm circuits and railway control

Kim K., Mikhailov Y.

We show that the analysis of the attenuation of thunderstorm waves during the run from the place of the lightning strike to the line support to the protected object plays a role in determining the number of dangerous thunderstorm impacts. The processes occurring in this case are nonlinear in nature due to the consumption of wave energy by the pulse corona on the line wires and losses in the ground, as well as possible overlaps of linear insulation during the wave run along the line. When constructing a model of a section of a contact network that has been struck by lightning, the computer programs designed to calculate electrical circuits are used. The use of these programs opens up new possibilities for analyzing the occurrence and movement of waves in lines during lightning discharges and obtaining probabilistic estimates of emerging lightning overvoltages. In this paper we made an attempt to determine the effectiveness of measures to improve the reliability of lightning protection of power supply points of alarm circuits and railway control using computer simulation of lightning overvoltages

Keywords: model, lightning protection, power point, lightning, support, grounding resistance, transformer, overvoltage, phase isolation, protective arrester

Ecology and traffic safety

Environmental aspects of energy saving in technological installations

Ryzhova E.

The article evaluates environmental aspects, analyzing which the author cites the main directions of reducing the environmental intensity of production. It is concluded that a comprehensive solution to the problem of eliminating the environmental consequences of the use of energy resources is advisable by combining all measures aimed at the greening of technological installations. At the same time, the use of energy technologies is simultaneously aimed at reducing the consumption of electric and thermal energy, increasing the efficiency of production processes and reducing their environmental intensity

Keywords: technological installations, energy saving, greening, environmental intensity, secondary energy resources, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency

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