Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 4-6, 2023 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue you will learn about the method of calculating a high-frequency transformer for a bidirectional DC-DC converter, about space-vector modulation in multiphase electromechanical systems, that e-REVOLT has developed a kit for converting cars from internal combustion engines to electric, and much more

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What's in the issue?       

Power supply and electrical equipment

Overview of traction motors for railway transport

Zheleznyak V.N., Bekuzin V.I.

This paper presents the main trends in the development of railway transport on electric traction. A review of modern types of railways was carried out: the main characteristics of traction motors of modern locomotives and electric trains, high-speed electric trains, metro trains and light rail transport (tram) are presented. The design of traction asynchronous electric motors and brushless DC motors with permanent magnets for use as traction electric motors of railway transport are considered

Keywords: traction motors, railway transport, asynchronous motors, permanent magnet, brushless DC motors

Calculation method of high-frequency transformer for bi-directional dc-dc power converter

Dyakov A.S., Zakirov R.A., Golubchik T.V., Dubovik D.V.

The article is devoted to the method of calculating a high-frequency transformer used in bidirectional DC-DC converters based on pulse-width modulation, which are used in systems of traction and power equipment for road transport, railway, underwater vehicles, instruments and devices, power supply systems for telecommunications equipment, etc

Keywords: high-frequency transformer, voltage converter, traction electric drive, electrical equipment

Determination of the main parameters of the pantograph ATL15-TEK130-U1

Ryabko K.

The object of research is the pantograph ATL15-TEK130-U1. The purpose of the work is to determine the main parameters of the pantograph, based on the obtained mathematical model of the dependence of the height of the upper hinge of the upper frame on the angle of rotation of the lower frame. To achieve this goal, the following methods were applied in the work: mathematical analysis, iterative calculation and graphical interpretation. The results obtained can be used to evaluate the parameters of the effect of pressing the pantograph on catenary suspension elements with different elasticity, as well as to improve the design of single-lever pantographs

Keywords: pantograph, system of levers and rods, kinematic scheme, lifting height, driving moment, angle of rotation, static pressure

Space vector modulation in multiphase electromechanical systems

Tereshkin V.M., Balandin S.P., Gusev D.S., Gorbatkov P.V.

The creation of a frequency-controlled electric drive based on multiphase motors with a rotating field (synchronous and asynchronous) is a promising direction for the development of electric traction in the automotive industry, on railway locomotives, in power plants of water transport, and in aviation. The prospect is driven by advances in power electronics, microelectronics and digital control systems based on microcontrollers, as well as the emergence of new electrical materials. When generating a symmetrical multiphase voltage using a power converter of an electromechanical system, a mode called “space vector pulse width modulation” (SVPWM) is used. The purpose of the work is to develop and study three algorithms that implement space-vector modulation in a five-phase electromechanical system

Keywords: five-phase electromechanical system, space vector modulation algorithms, matrix form of representation of algorithms

Application of rechargeable batteries on traction rolling stock

Ryzhova E.L.

Rechargeable batteries have been used on railway rolling stock for many decades. But until recently, they served mainly for the power supply of auxiliary consumers or as backup energy sources, which were intended to move the train over short distances if there was a power outage. Electric trains, which are additionally equipped with traction batteries, form rolling stock using alternative means of traction. The advantages of traction batteries are largely related to environmental characteristics. Now traction batteries are becoming real alternative sources of electricity for electrified and diesel-powered trains

Keywords: traction batteries, traction rolling stock, alternative energy sources, innovative materials for batteries, hybrid trains

Mechatronic systems, actuators

Applying energy storages on autonomus rolling strock to implement electrodynamic regenerative braking

Kuznetsov G.Y., Loginova E.Y., Kudelin K.V.

The purpose of this work is to describe the possibility of using traction electric energy storage devices on autonomous rolling stock to implement electrodynamic regenerative braking with storage of generated electrical energy

Keywords: railway transport, rolling stock, energy storage, electrodynamic braking, energy efficiency

Diagnostics and testing

Investigation of the effect of low temperatures on the parameters of batteries

Cheboksarov A.N.

The article examines the effect of low temperatures on the main parameters of car batteries. Graphs are presented that reflect the dependence of the voltage, the freezing point of the electrolyte and the resistivity of the electrolyte on various temperature conditions. The relationship between temperature and battery life is analyzed. The results of the study emphasize the importance of optimal temperature conditions for the efficient operation of batteries and their durability in various operating conditions

Keywords: car, battery, electrolyte, service life