Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 4, 2020 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue you will learn about JSC "Electric Drive": yesterday, today, tomorrow, about the experience of using additive technologies in the production of complex body parts, problems of reproducibility of vibration tests and much more

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Trends in the development of electronics and electrical equipment on vehicles

JSC "Еlectroprivod": yesterday, today, tomorrow

Vlasov A., Novoselova A.

In this paper principal direction JSC "Electroprivod" activities are discussed. State-of-the-art and development prospects of the company are given.

Keywords: JSC "Electroprivod", aircraft industry, aviation electric drive, experimental design bureau, development prospects.

Power supply and electrical equipment

Еxperimental studies of brushless dc motors with armature bands made of different materials

Vlasov A.

The article presents experimental studies of two brushless DC motors, equipped with armature bands made of different materials. Effect of armature band material on brushless DC motors performance characteristics is shown.

Keywords: brushless DC motor, experimental studies, armature band, eddy current losses into armature band, performance characteristics.

Development of a passive power factor corrector, analysis of efficiency on the controlled electric drive of aircraft purpose

Nefedov B., Tebenkov F.

The article discusses the practical aspects of developing a passive power factor corrector for an autonomous three-phase AC voltage inverter. Additionally, the impact of using a passive power factor corrector on the spurious current harmonics is considered. Analysis of the effectiveness of the application was carried out using calculations and mathematical modeling.

Keywords: active, passive, corrector, active power, reactive power, DC brushless motor.

Еlectromagnetic brake clutch with combined friction pair

Vlasov A., Nikitin V., Korotkov I., Konyshev D.

In this paper presents the results of the development of an electromagnetic brake clutch with a combined friction pair based on titanium material. In the design of the electromagnetic brake clutch, the well-known problem of the titanium materi-al to contact setting during friction is solved.

Keywords: electromechanical braking device, friction moment, titanium, combined friction pair

Features development of compact electromagnet for electromagnetic locking device for a new generation Medium-haul aircraft fuselage doors

Rubtsova L., Malyugin A., Pechenkina N., Kisilyev R.

In this article describes the design of a DC electromagnet retractable type, and provides key recommendations to the calculation.

Keywords: DC electromagnet, field model, magnetic system.

Results of research on the creation of electric transport

Gubin I., Sheshin A., Fominykh A., Opalev Y.

Multiple problems of modern motor transport are being raised more and more often. It becomes clear that the issue of its replacement is more relevant than ever in Russia and other countries. This article describes methods that are already being implemented in our country and will be implemented in the future, namely the transition to electric transport. On the example of project activities of students of Vyatka state University (Vyatsu), the prospects for the development of electric transport in Russia were considered. According to the results of a study conducted by students Vyatgu with the support of JSC "Elektroprivod", was created a prototype of a universal module that, when mounting to the frame of the scooter gives him a electric range and made the conclusion about expediency of use of electric transport of large vehicles (trams, electric trains, electric cars) and small (tricycles, Segways and e-bikes).

Keywords: electric scooter, motor wheel, brushless DC (BLDC).

Special aspects of configuration of variable structure position regulator intended for high-lift device’s fully automatic electric drive

Moskvin E., Vlasov A.

The article presents synthesis process of the variable structure position regulator, undertaken with the aim to achieving optimal time-domain and accuracy characteristics of high-lift devices electric drive.

Keywords: airborne electric drive, position regulator, variable structure, high-lift devices.

Failt-tolerant electric motor for aircraft fuel pumps

Ismagilov F., Vavilov V., Karimov R., Aiguzina V., Vlasov A.

This paper presents a design methodology that can be used in the design of fault-tolerant electric motors. According to the proposed algorithm, a permanent-magnet electric motor for aircraft fuel pumps was calculated.

Keywords: fault tolerance, electric motor, aircraft.

Аbout experience of developing electric start systems for gas turbine engines in JSC "Еlectroprivod"

Gryazev K., Novoselova A.

The article describes the experience in developing explosion-proof electric starters for starting gas-turbine units of pumping units and power plants.

Keywords: electric start of a gas turbine engine, asynchronous electric motor, vector control.

Modern technological processes, equipment, materials

Experience with utilizing of additive technologies for complex housing parts production

Filippov M., Vlasov A., Sadakov N.

The article presents review of used additive manufacturing technologies. Experience with utilizing of additive technologies for production of metallic parts in aviation industry enterprises and its future are described. The article contains comparative analysis of using conventional and additive technologies for production of complex housing parts at the JSC “Electroprivod”.

Keywords: аdditive manufacturing technologies, housing part, metal powder, part production time.

Problems of quality and reliability, certification, standardization

Reliability measures at the stages of design, production and operation of products

Trefilova T., Biryukova G.

The article presents material on measures to ensure reliability at the stages of design, production and operation of products. A quantitative assessment of reliability indicators at the design stage and at the operation stage is considered on the example of an electric machine, the calculation results are confirmed by statistical data, and data on operating results.

Keywords: reliability, design, operation, failures, reliability assessment, reliability tasks.

Diagnostics and testing

Vibration test reproduction problems

Bushuev A., Gusev S.

This article is written with the aim of revealing and showing the basics of such an engineering direction as vibration testing. The main focus of the article is on the consideration of reproducibility of vibration test results. The article is primarily aimed at practitioners, it will also be useful to developers of machinery and apparatus designs, developers of vibration test devices, production services – manufacturers of these devices. Issues of product quality are raised.

Keywords: vibration test, frequency response, vibration generator, quality.

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