Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 5, 2019 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about structural and circuit solutions for hybrid power electric power plants, multi-channel anti-skid and boxing systems for electric rolling stock, an intelligent DC traction drive control system, and much more

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Power supply and electrical equipment

The influence of molybdenum disulfide on the sliding wear of the current collection

Kim K., Panychev A., Kolesova A.

The method of reducing wear of the contact inserts of current collections of high-speed electric transport is considered. The method is based on the using of solid lubricant on the basis of the disulphide molibgen composite. We apply it to the contact wire by the additional insert located in front of the contact inserts. We experimentally proved that this method gives a positive effect only on alternating current. The advantage of the method is the stability in the entire range of real temperatures observed in the territory of Russia. It is shown that the positive effect of the lubricant on the characteristics of the sliding current collector decreases with increasing spark intensity. It is proved that we can provide the best combination of performance properties and reliability of the sliding current collector by the choice of the ratio between the numbers of current inserts and additional inserts and the pressure on the additional inserts.

Keywords: sliding current collector, wear, molybdenum disulfide, contact insert, high-speed electric transport.

Structural and scheme solutions for transport hybrid power electric plants

Valinskiy O., Evstafiev A., Nikitin V., Telichenko S.

Hybrid power plants with on-board energy storage can significantly increase the energy efficiency of vehicles through the accumulation and rational use of braking energy. The urgent tasks in this area are the justification of the structure of the transport power system and the development of circuit solutions for semiconductor converters for controlling the energy flows of onboard storage devices. This article analyzes the options for the structure of transport hybrid power systems, and also proposes a circuit design for a bidirectional up-down semiconductor converter for an energy storage device.

Keywords: hybrid power plant, energy storage, vehicles.

Modeling a locomotive reactor in alternating current

Titova T., Rolle I., Sychugov A., Sereda A.

Studies devoted to the urgent task of increasing the energy efficiency of rolling stock are usually performed using computer simulation. One of the most common programs for solving this problem is MATLAB (Simulink). The article discusses the features of modeling of reactor equipment for AC EPS using Simulink tools on the example of an AC electric train EP3D.

Keywords: smoothing reactor, modeling, power factor, AC electric train, EP3D.

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