Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 5, 2017 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about the analytical calculations of inductive parameters of the toroidal high-temperature superconducting armature winding of a synchronous electric machine, improving the energy efficiency of the rheostatic braking system of locomotives, testing vehicles for resistance to external electromagnetic influences, and much more

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Power supply and electrical equipment

An analytical calculation of inductive parameters of toroidal high temperature superconducting armature winding of synchronous electrical machine

Zechikhin B., Kovalev K., Penkin V., Zadachin A.

This work presents the results of analytical investigation on calculation of inductive parameters of toroidal armature winding which is produced from high temperature superconducting tape of the first generation or the second one to be used in fully superconducting synchronous electrical machine. The optimal scheme of screening for outer part of the winding is obtained both from the point of view to decrease inductance of winding and electrical losses in screening shells.

Keywords: fully superconducting synchronous electrical machine, high temperature superconducting tape, armature, toroidal winding, inductance, electrical losses, screening shell.

The advantages of using a step-up DC-DC Сonverter in the system of traction electric equipment of promising vehicles

Gulyamov K., Sidorov K., Jutt V.

This article considers the issues connected with extra power conversion in the power circuit DC traction system of an electric equipment of electric and hybrid vehicles. Presents rationale for the use of a step-up DC-DC Converter in an energy system perspective of electric vehicles, the advantages of the implementation of this decision. Consider the issue of estimating the main parameters of the boost converters, is integrated into the power system of electric vehicle.

Keywords: the electric vehicle, a voltage Converter, traction electrical equipment, battery, controller, the method, of calculation.

Increasing energy efficiency of diesel locomotive’s resistance braking system

Ivaschenko V., Izvarin M., Rolle I., Leonov A.

The advantages and disadvantages of existing resistance braking systems of diesel locomotives and electric rolling stock are analyzed. The circuit solution of the resistance braking system of the 2TE116U diesel locomotive is proposed, which allows resistance braking without additional fuel consumption.

Keywords: specific fuel consumption, diesel locomotive, diesel-electric engine, traction motor, chopper, battery, insulated gate bipolar transistor, dynamic brake.

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