Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 3, 2016 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue you will learn about the microprocessor control system of the power unit of the car, the use of hydrogen in road transport, the analysis of the quality of electrical equipment of cars based on the results of warranty operation and much more

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Electronic control systems, diagnostics, communications

The microprocessor-based gearbox control system of the car engine

Sharonov G., Nefed'ev A.

The microprocessor-based gearbox control system of the car engine, which allows to make gear shifting in the semi-automatic or automatic modes on the basis of the analysis of designs of gearboxes, that facilitates driving and provides decrease the fuel consumption and increase the durability of transmission, are developed.

Keywords: microprocessor-based control system, automation of management, electro-pneumatic actuator, gearbox.

Power supply and electrical equipment

The magnetoelectric generator of the stabilized voltage in the wide range of rotation frequency

Gusev S., Nesterin V., Prikazshchikov A., Spiridonov A.

The article is devoted to creation of a construction design of a direct current electrical generator unit on the basis of the contactless electrical machine with excitement from rare-earth permanent magnets. The property of the generator is the possibility of regulation and stabilization of the rectified output voltage in the wide range of rotation frequency. This kind of generators find application as power supplies of control line the electronic equipment on railway transport, and also in windpower engineering where the rotation frequency of windwheels is change over a wide range with the simultaneous requirement of rather high level of output voltage stability.

Keywords: electrical generator unit, permanent magnet, power supply, railroad transport, slow-speed.

Calculation of the parameters of the electric field in the ground with an inhomogeneous electrical structure at current runoff from artificial earthing

Kosarev A., Kosarev B.

The paper proposes a method of calculating the parameters of the electric field in the ground with a complex geoelectric structure caused by current flowing down from the artificial earth electrode consisting of two parallel metal bands of extended included. When considering the pattern of the electric field in the ground of the current flowing from the artificial grounding, it is assumed that an artificial earth electrode has a length substantially greater than the distance from it to the ground points where the value of the potential is determined. It was found that the distribution of the potentials in the upper layer of the earth can be calculated according to the formula of Sound. A nomogram for calculating the equivalent conductivity of the medium from the geoelectric soil parameters in place of artificial earthing arrangement. It is shown that the calculated value of the two-layer earth model equivalent conductivity is between the conductivities of the first and second layers of the earth, and when paying with an error not exceeding a few percent, can be taken as the conductivity of the second layer. Later in the article the algorithm for determining the transition resistance «Artificial earthing – land», depending on the electrical parameters of the ground and the longitudinal resistance of the metal strips. It was found that the contact resistance «Artificial earthing – land» can be determined on the basis of the transcendental equation for solutions which proposed a nomogram.

Keywords: electric field, the earthing system of the traction power supply, track, current, voltage.

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