Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 2, 2016 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about maintaining the reliability of the electronic engine control system in operation, improving the automation algorithms of the intelligent terminal InTer-27.5 NIIEFA-ENERGO, determining the temperature of the windings of the traction asynchronous motor by introducing additional voltage components, and much more

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Electronic control systems, diagnostics, communications

Maintenance reliability of electronic engine management systems in operation

Bazhenov Y., Kalenov V.

Proposed strategy maintenance of structural elements of electronic engine man-agement systems, taking into account the possibility of their diagnosis. Substanti-ated diagnostic parameters that evaluate the technical condition of structural components of electronic engine management systems and identified their standard values. The regularities of changes in diagnostic parameters of electronic engine management systems on the vehicle operating time. For the elements of the electronic engine management systems that do not have evidence of the technical condition of the changes proposed to replace them when a certain operating time.

Keywords: strategy, diagnostic parameter, electronic engine management systems, sensor, operating time.

Power supply and electrical equipment

Auto-transformer rectifier units in aircraft electric power supply systems. Nine-phase voltages system and eighteen-pulse rectification

Konyakhin S., Konyakhin V., Tretyak V.

The main trands in modern aircraft electroenergetics are described. Role and place of ATRU in onboard electric power supply systems are shown. The mathematical formulas for nine-phase voltages system and eighteen-pulse rectification are obtained.

Keywords: ATRU, nine-phase voltages system, eighteen-pulse rectification, topological structures, power quality.

System of criteria of quality for an assessment of perspective automatic control systems of the speed of cargo trains with the distributed draft

Kiselev M., Pudovikov O.

To assess the quality of controlling the speed of a freight train are used in addition to traditional quality indicators, and more specific, such as the maximum value of the longitudinal dynamic forces and the amount of accumulated fatigue of the coupling devices. However, this is not enough, when developing ACS speed for trains with distributed traction, so the selected additional criteria specific object of research. The comparative analysis of results of modeling at realization of various algorithms of management is carried out.

Keywords: automatic control system of the speed of the locomotive, quality con-trol, longitudinal fluctuations in the train, distributed traction, heavy freight train, stability margin, stability.

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