Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 1, 2016 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue you will learn about the mathematical modeling of the arc in the spark plug of a car, the improvement of the auxiliary electric drive of electric rolling stock, mesaepitaxial GaAs varicaps for RF equipment and much more

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Trends in the development of electronics and electrical equipment on vehicles

Оn main directions of development of the global transport system and logistics

Vladimirov S.

The article, based on the experience of developed countries and development of the national transport strategy, proved the main directions of development of the global and domestic transportation system.

Keywords: strategy, transport, competition, innovation, macroeconomics, quality, policy effectiveness.

Power supply and electrical equipment

Mathematic modelling of an arc in an automobile spark plug

Petrovskiy S., Kozlovskiy V., Shevtsov V.

The article describes results of development and investigation of mathematic models of arcing in the automobile ignition.

Keywords: quality, reliability, automobile, electric equipment, ignition system, electromagnetic compatibility.

Battery-electric shunting locomotive with lithium-ion storage batteries

Shtang A., Yaroslavtsev M.

Battery-electric locomotives with lithium-ion storage batteries are proposed for shunting duties on electrified railroad lines considering experience of energy storage devices applications. Main parameters of traction drive are calculated and its functional scheme is shown in the article. Advantages of battery-electric over diesel locomotives are discussed, estimated fuel economy is shown.

Keywords: shunting locomotive, battery-electric locomotive, lithium-ion battery, fuel economy, energy storage.

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