Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 3, 2019 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about the electronic control system for the heater of the oxygen sensor of an automobile internal combustion engine, the determination of the reactive parameters of a three-phase power factor corrector, the technological features of the formation of relief on plates of single-crystal LiTaO3 in plasma based on SF6, and much more

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Electronic control systems, diagnostics, communications

Development and implementation of an electronic control system of the oxygen sensor heater of an automotive internal combustion engine

Debelov V., Endachev D., Kamenev V., Kozlovsky V.

This paper presents the results of the development and implementation of an electronic control system of the oxygen sensor heater of an automotive internal combustion engine.

Keywords: electronic control system, automobile, internal combustion engine.

Power supply and electrical equipment

Investigation of the electromagnetic process characteristics at fault switch off feeders of the overhead DC contact lines in the location rapid circuit breakers of installed

Durakov D., Kushtan M., Lobyntsev V., Dozhina G.

Quantitative estimation of different modes occurring in electrical complexes and systems, sometimes causing significant difficulties in the absence of correct initial data and ways to gain the calculation type of task. The article attempts to develop an analytical model in providing the ability to perform engineering calculations as in the training and operation of traction substation equipment and other systems of the DC traction power supply, such as onboard. Theoretical calculations are supported by computational examples to understand the essence of the issue.

Keywords: inductance, suspension cable, contact wire, track circuit, partitioning point, rapid circuit breaker, overhead contact line feeder.

Rational arrangement of circuit-breaker based feeder pillar of alternating current traction power network

German L., Korneev V., Subkhanverdiev С., Vyazov E., Zhevlakov D.

The paper suggests expanding the range of options for feeder pillars of alternating current traction power network by introducing one vacuums witch in to the bus of the circuit-breaker based feederpillar. In-troduc in gone vacuums witch open sup new opportunities in organization of relay protection and auto-mation on sections with circuit-breaker based feeder pillars. Operational aspects are considered of relay protection and automation in the new feeder pillar arrangement, with new approaches and specific im-plementation of their algorithms suggested.

Keywords: traction power network, alternating current, circuit-breaker based feederpillar, relay protec-tion, automation, algorithms.

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