Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 4, 2017 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue you will learn about the uninterruptible power supply for aerospace and ground-transport electric power complexes, modern developments of electrical equipment of JSC "Electroprivod", the quality of mesaepitaxial GaAs varicaps and much more

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Power supply and electrical equipment

Uninterruptible power supply for the aerospace and ground vehicle power systems

Reznikov S., Charchenko I., Hramtsov K., Zhegov N.

This article reviews offers an alternative engineering solution for multifunction secondary power source (SPS): backup battery of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed for aerospace vehicle power systems (AVPS), in particular for all-electric aircraft (AEA). The solution is suitable to implement modular and scalable architecture of AVPS on the basis of unified parallel modules to increase manufacturing, installation, maintenance and adaptability, reduce labor costs and downtimes and increase the reliability of AVPS. The decision protected the priority of the Russian Federation and of interest to a wide circle of specialists in the field of power electronics LA and other transport of AVPS.

Keywords: UPS, vehicle power system, allelectric aircraft.

SOC estimation of EV and HEV lithiumion battery applications

Endachev D, Skripko L.

The article is devoted to the problem of state-of-charge (SOC) estimation for lithiumion cells used in high-voltage applications designed for of electric and hybrid vehicles. The urgency of the challenges is to measure the SOC of the cells while vehicle operating and in absence of necessary control over charge level. The main reasons for this are: Li-ion cells long voltage relaxation time, also flat OCV-SOC curve of this chemistry in practically the entire range of discharge period. Besides, the problem is the inaccuracy of the current sensors and as a consequence of malfunctioning of calculating the energy balance. The proposed method considered to use the experimental charge-discharge characteristics, equivalent circuit and Kalman filter to correct a theoretically determined SOC.

Keywords: EV, HEV, Kalman filter, lithium battery, state-of-sarge calculation.

Mechatronic systems, actuators

Overview of current developments by JSC «Electroprivod» in the field of electrotechnical equipment

Vlasov A., Konyshev D., Novoselova A

The article presents the overview of novel developments by JSC «Electroprivod» in the field of electrical actuators, electric motors, aircraft electrical drives and turboshaft engine electric start-up systems.

Keywords: electric mechanism, import substitution industrialization, turboshaft engine electric start-up systems, electric starter motor, automatic electric drive.

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