Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 2, 2017 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about a promising magnetoelectric generator for the aircraft power supply system, the electrophysical parameters of GaAs-diode p-i-n structures, the reliability of the Lada Kalina car speed sensor during the warranty period of operation, and much more

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Power supply and electrical equipment

Promising magneto generator for the power supply system of the aircraft with a high constant voltage of 270 V

Ismagilov F., Vavilov V., Tarasov N.

The paper presents the current system of power generation of the aircraft. The concept of advanced systems of power generation for aircraft with high reliability and minimal size / weight parameters. Developed and tested magnetoelectric intelligent generator for advanced systems of power generation.

Keywords: system of power generation aircraft, intellectual generator.

Autotransformer rectifier units in aircraft electric power supply systems. Topological Uniform structures

Konyakhin S., Konyakhin V.

The basic uniform topological structures of ATRU with eighteen-pulse rectification are described. Main calculating proportions for considered topologies are derived and each structure's power-to-size ratiosand input current THDs are determined.

Keywords: ATRU, uniform nine-phase conversion, eighteen-pulse rectification, topological structures, delta-connection, wye-connection, hexagon-connection, T-connection.

Imitation model for estimation of recuperation braking efficiency in city electric transport conditions

Spiridonov E., Basargina G.

In the paper the results of research of imitation model of trolleybus operating in recuperation braking mode are shown. Influence of several factors on the efficiency of recuperation braking such as traction substation voltage, remoteness of recuperated train from traction train, recuperation voltage controller settings is estimated. It is shown that in case of limited traction energy consumption the main influence on recuperation braking efficiency have settings of recuperation voltage controller. The use of relay voltage controller with voltage settings 720 and 700 V is proved.

Keywords: recuperation braking, trolleybus, imitation modeling, recuperation efficiency, follow-up recuperative-resistance braking.

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