Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 1, 2017 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about the trends in the development of electrical equipment of modern cars, the prospects for the use of multiphase AC machines, inductive sensors for registering the passage of a wheel of a railway rolling unit, and much more

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Trends in the development of electronics and electrical equipment on vehicles

Advanced automobiles electric equipment development trends and power supply monitoring system development update

Kozlovskiy V., Novikova A., Blinov N.

In work represents results of design and technology development of automobile electric equipment for last ten years, with actualization of onboard monitoring system performance update and electric equipment multifunction diagnostic.

Keywords: automobile, electric car, automobile with a combined powerplant, electric equipment, electric power supply, performance diagnostics.

Power supply and electrical equipment

Еstimation of an error of calculation of short-circuit currents in ac tractive circuit

German L., Kishkurno K., Subhanverdiev K.

The reason of appearance of a methodical error of calculation of short-circuit currents in zone between substations in AC tractive circuit in a case of equivalenting of an external electric systems with the help of input resistance at tractive substation input 110 (220) kV is shown. Estimation of an error of calculation of short-circuit currents in AC tractive circuit in various circuits of tractive networks is carried out. It is determined that with increasing capacity of a short circuit at tractive substation input 110 (220) kV a stated error is reduced. Possible ways of lowering of a stated methodical error are shown.

Keywords: external electric systems, traction power system, calculation error, short-circuit currents, own and mutual resistances, traction substation.

Stability of the frequency converter output voltage for the system of train centralized power supply

In’kov Y., Sachkova E.

The article analyzes the stability of the parameters of the output voltage of the thyristor direct frequency converter for the systems of centralized power supply for passenger trains from the autonomous locomotives. Due to the fact that the level and frequency of voltage of the synchronous generator in the autonomous locomotive and the load phase of the electricity carriage consumers are random variables the analysis of the stability of the output voltage of the converter is performed with the use of theoretical and probabilistic methods.

Keywords: train power supply, direct frequency converter, voltage frequency, voltage value, probability theory, variance, generator, car electricity consumers, a semiconductor valve, locomotive.

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