Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 5, 2016 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about the study of the operating modes of DC voltage pulse converters with different load characteristics, a three-phase transformer with stabilizing properties, calculation and analysis of the DC motor speed observer circuit, and much more

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Power supply and electrical equipment

Development of onboard devices of registrars for aircraft. Part 2

Popov Y.

In the second part of article, results of creation of onboard registrars sound and a video information are considered. Characteristics of onboard registrars sound and a video information are presented. Systems of processing of the registered information are considered. Materials on the rescued protected onboard stores are stated.

Keywords: the onboard registrar sound, the video registrar, the rescued protected stores of the information, information processing.

Improvement of the lightning protection of railway electronics devices

Kiselev A., Mikhailov Y., Nestertsev I.

The number of lightning damages and interferences in signal and control railway circuits can be reduced by decreasing the number of arrester operations that protects power supply transformers of these circuits from lightning surges. The operation is accompanied by a voltage pulses on the transformer tank transmitted to the low-voltage circuits and able to cause their failure. The number of arrester operations and current pulses through the arrester were estimated by means of modeling of lightning waves in high voltage net. Quantified the efficiency of extra arresters on poles, adjacent to the transformer destination, in order to reduce the frequency and lightning pulse amplitudes in the circuits feeding the signal and control devices.

Keywords: nets of electronic schemes feeding, lightning protection, arresters, railway control nets.

Еxperimental study of the modes of dc-dc converters three-phase structure of the active and active-inductive loads

Jutt V., Golubchik T., Gulyamov K.

In this paper, experimental investigations demonstrated transient mode dc-dc converters with a three-phase structure with active and active-inductive loads. Showing the influence of active and active-inductive load on the characteristics of dc-dc converter and the quality of transients. Experimental investigations have been carried out by means of simulation using the software packages intended for the investigation of dynamic systems.

Keywords: voltage converter, inductive load, electric drives, multi-phase converter, dc-dc converters.

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