Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 4, 2016 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about the KAMAZ Automotive Corporation, parametric flight recorders for aircraft, technological aspects of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and much more

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Trends in the development of electronics and electrical equipment on vehicles

Automobile Corporation «KAMAZ»

Sarbayev V., Borodulin V., Bugrimov V.

The results of the corporation «KAMAZ» for the 40 years of its operation on truck production market. Considered the corporation, technological links, chains of production «KAMAZ» vehicles of the technological cycle. The analysis of the main tasks to improve the consumer properties of manufactured motor vehicles. The main directions of the international activities of corporations in the field of production and sales of products. Results of the strategic guidelines of the company in the near future.

Keywords: cars transport, automobile production, truck market, technological links, the structure of the company.

Power supply and electrical equipment

Development of onboard devices of registrars for aircraft. Part 1

Popov Y.

In the first part of article, results of creation of parametrical onboard registrars for aircraft are considered. Systems of processing of parametrical registrars are resulted. The actual problem of research of parametrical registrars – their definition of their syntactics informative. Syntactics information level of the registrar is characterised by carrier type, way of representation of the information, speed of transfer and processing and the size of a code of representation of the information.

Keywords: parametrical onboard registrars, aircraft, information processing, information decoding.

The increase in power dc-dc converters using a multi-phase structure

Jutt V., Sidorov K., Gulyamov K.

In this article demonstrated by possible options for increasing the power switching converters DC bi-directional type. Recommendations given to improve the efficiency and reliability of converters using a multiphase transformation structure for application in systems the conversion of electrical energy and electric drives of medium and high power.

Keywords: voltage converter, electric drives, multi-phase converter, dc-dc converters.

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