Electronics and electrical equipment of transport
Issue № 5-6, 2015 year

«Electronics and
electrical equipment
of transport»

In this issue, you will learn about the modeling of electrical control systems in road transport, the assessment of the energy efficiency of high-speed and high-speed rail transport, the synthesis of the control system of an autonomous asynchronous generator, and much more

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Power supply and electrical equipment

The role of longitudinal and transverse components of the voltage drop in the automation mode of traction substation

German L., Petrov D.

We considered the AC traction substation with the installation of a longitudinal capacitive compensation (LCC) and the device of regulation of tension under loading of the transformer (DRTL). Examines the impact of longitudinal capacitive compensation in the suction line and DRTL into longitudinal and transverse components of the voltage drop. Devised formula of calculation of the degree of compensation of the LCC with regard to the active component of the resistance of the substation. For traction substation were are built dependences of components of power failure on currents of loadings of the supply sections with the LCC and without LCC. Recommendations were are given about joint work of LCC and DRTL and choice degree of compensation of LCC for ensuring equality of tension on the supply sections for effective work of DRTL.

Keywords: longitudinal capacitive compensation, DRTL, longitudinal and transverse components of the voltage drop, the degree of compensation of the LCC, the load currents of the supply sections, joint work of LCC and DRTL.

Modelling of electrotechnical controlling systems on automobile transport

Debelov V., Kozlovskiy V., Rodin N.

The work describes the development results of a complex of mathematic simulation models of passenger car electrotechnical controlling systems.

Keywords: car, electrotechnical complex, controlling system

The frequency characteristics of installation for capacitive shunt compensation in ac tractionnetworks

Maksimova A., German L., Goncharenko V.

The article discusses design solutions to filter units (FKU) in traction AC networks. Justified complete-block principle of construction of FKU. Considered transients when switching sections FKU. The offered range of power options for single-section and two-section FKU. Shows the advantages of the new scheme FKU before foreign models.

Keywords: reactive power compensation, the nonsinusoidal voltage, filter compensating unit, resonance setting.

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